Why A Blog?

I don’t know, ask one of the other 720,236,462 people who have blogs. It’s just a way for all of us to get things out there that were taking up valuable cranial real estate. For me, it’s mostly Chicago architecture and construction, a few random life events, maybe a recipe or 2 (no, not really) and the occasional complaint about what appears to be the public’s general malaise towards my awesomeness.

At one point, I considered turning this entire space into a traffic blog. Pointing out where road construction is at its commute-snarling worst, info about upcoming road projects, even alternate routes around the paths less taken. But since I’m not in the car for 11 hours a day anymore, that idea faded. Until my helicopter is out of the shop.

In the meantime, stay tuned to this space for the latest in old information, updates on things that happened you weren’t aware of in the first place, and all-around skullduggery in its simplest form. Think of it as a community meeting place for folks to ramble on about life’s lesser concerns, where they know the pressure is off because everyone is so busy yapping that no one thinks to listen. Or something.


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