2515 South Wabash Loses a Water Tank

Chicago water tank 2515 South Wabash

This Chicago water tank sits, for now, atop 2515 South Wabash Avenue.

New today, on Tumblr:

On Tuesday the 15th, the City of Chicago issued a demolition permit for the water tank sitting atop 2515 South Wabash Avenue in the South Loop.

This one instantly became one of my favorites when I spotted it back in September because it’s a “character” tank. Not just one color, not just plain, but with distinct markings on it. In this case, it’s just a company name with some tagging. But that still distinguishes it from every other water tank in the city. Heck, from every other water in the world, for that matter.

2515 South Wabash Chicago Water Tank





Could this be my new favorite Chicago water tank?

If you’re unfamiliar with Morgan Manufacturing in the Fulton River District, it’s a great event space occupying the old Salisbury Electric building at 401 North Morgan Street. Erected in 1855 (that’s pre-Great Chicago Fire!), it’s got a cool water tank atop the roof, a water tank made even cooler with a recently-completed paint job.

You can check out Morgan Mfg here.