I don’t always blog, but when I do…

…there are usually typos.

No, seriously. There are. If typing skills were dynamite, I couldn’t blow a cent on the penny slots. The good news is, I’m not alone. Of course, the bad news is, also, I’m not alone.

Spellcheck is nice, but it doesn’t help if you’ve typed went where gone belongs. And none of us has time to let someone else read every post before we shove it out into cyberspace. Hence, I see more and more bad writing, from myself, and others.

So I’m going to ask you for your help. I truly appreciate everyone who stops by my blogs, even for a minute. You are a valuable reader/visitor, and you’ve earned the title of Editor-on-the-Cheap.  Not because you’re a grammar snob, but because I need help! If you see a mistake, tell me about it. Call me, email, send a text, hire the Geico Banner Plane, whatever it takes. I won’t think you’re being a jerk, just like I wouldn’t want people to think I’m a jerk for correcting (I really mean “helping”) a mistake on their post or article.

After all, shouldn’t it be about quality, and not quantity? Some of the time, anyway?


On Empire Avenue and Endorsements

Empire Avenue members: What does endorsing a blog mean to you?

One of the easiest ways to interact with each other on EA is the blog endorsement. Until 5 of us are willing to acknowledge your musings and ramblings, the Ave won’t even recognize it as official. But I have to say, I’m a little perturbed at how this is being done.

Having a blog doesn’t make me a writer, anymore than having a bat and glove makes me a baseball player.  Every now and then, I get a thought in my head that I need to put in font, in the event that someone else out there might ever stumble upon it and think “hmm, that’s a good point”. I have no formal training, certainly no journalistic education, and the typing skills of a free-range chicken. It is something I do for fun. Not as often as I want to, but as often as I think I have something to say.

I have three blogs. In addition to the one you’re reading now, I also have a blog about running, and a blog about food. Now, I know the world isn’t clamoring for more cooking or exercise blogs, so I do what I can to differentiate mine from the crowd’s. I use two different forums; WordPress, and Tumblr. I’m not in love with Tumblr, and may eventually move the whole thing over to WordPress. Why? Stats. As a newbie to writing, it still thrills me to see by my WordPress stats that someone has read my stuff today.

Sorry, I’ve rambled. Here’s my point: Are people even looking at blogs before giving them their endorsement? I get blog endorsements on a daily basis, and I appreciate them. But I look at my stats and see no one has read anything. No one has even bothered to open my blog. Conversely, I click on other folks’ blogs, and it isn’t unusual to find links that don’t work. Yet I see a multitude of shareholders have endorsed those links. Why? For the sake of “interaction”?

Let’s be honest. None of us has time to read every blog, every link, that interests us. There are too many billions of them. But what I do have time for is to open every blog before I give my endorsement. Because, just as my blogs aren’t for everyone, not all of everyone’s blogs are for me. If a link doesn’t work, I won’t give it my approval. If the material is objectionable to my conservative Christian views, it doesn’t get my thumbs up. That doesn’t mean your blog isn’t well-written, or that you don’t have anything worthwhile to say.

I will endorse your blog because I like your blog, and I want others to know that I like your blog, and they should check it out too. Not because I need to feed the mysterious formula EA uses to rate our activity. Not because I want to interact with you. There are lots of other ways to do that. Blog endorsements are about my willingness to vouch for what you’ve written. Period. If you don’t like my blog/blogs, I don’t expect your endorsement. Heck, I don’t even want it. You have the right to make that decision. And I respect it.

That seems fair, doesn’t it?

You People Are In Serious Trouble

I attended a blogging seminar this weekend, thanks to my buddy PhamPants. I skipped the Air and Water Show for it, it seemed like such a good opportunity. Granted, it was for 20-something bloggers, so I have to double all the recipes. But among the things I learned is the importance of contributing on a more-regular basis to my blog. Like, a nearly everyday basis. Yeah. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

One of the things I wanted to avoid when I started my blog was to write about stupid, mundane stuff. If I can’t make it seem interesting to a reader, I don’t think it deserves to be in print. But I am encouraged to publish some garbage now. If I feel like writing it, I’m going to write it. If people don’t like, they can tell me about it, and I can adjust accordingly. Afterall, that’s the reason the comment section exists.

So for those of you who are regular readers (it’s a ‘select’ group) be prepared. I may head off on tangents from time to time, but if I don’t hear feedback about it, I won’t know if you hate it. Then again, I might not care if you hate it.

Thanks to John Pham for helping Jen Healy and I get to the summit. Thanks to the folks at 20SB for putting on a great event. I look forward to next year’s. Though let’s not do it on another beautiful weekend. February perhaps?