River Point Loses an Appendage

River Point Craneless

One building sans crane, while its neighbor looks in the other direction and whistles softly to itself.

I don’t mean to stir up controversy here, but as I walked to the train Monday morning, I couldn’t help but notice something very different about River Point.

It wasn’t the glass; they’ve been adding that for months, so it’s not surprising to see it rising higher every week.

It wasn’t the arch facing the river; I’ve pointed that out before. Because it’s fascinating.

No, River Point is different because of what isn’t┬áthere. Much like Cheers after Frasier moved to Seattle, River Point has no Crane. That’s normal for a building that’s topped out, which River Point did way back in December. But look at the photo above and tell me that tower crane atop 150 North Riverside doesn’t look a wee bit guilty.

I’d check the Chicago River for a freshly-severed crane.

The Riverbend Three

The Riverbend Three now counts just one tower crane among them.


2 thoughts on “River Point Loses an Appendage

  1. I take the brown line to and from work every day (where we work with a few clients going into both 150 N Riverside and 444 West Lake), and I’ve loved seeing these buildings go up, starting with Wolf Point. Here’s to hoping the other two Wolf Point developments also rise up soon.

    • I’m a little nervous that we haven’t heard much about the other two Wolf Point towers for awhile.
      Any concerns that River Point and 150 won’t be as cool once they’re completed as they have been going up? Something I think about often, but I’m also looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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