150 North Riverside Makes Headlines Again

150 N Riverside

Early Saturday morning, wood framing around the highest reach of the building’s core looked like they’d been through a rough night.

My beloved 150 North Riverside tower continues to make headlines in Chicago. And not in good ways.

As I’m sure you recall (and I’m even more sure I’ll never let you forget) 150 first became famous for sinking a construction barge on the Chicago River back in October of 2014. Then, a year and five days later, a minor structural collapse inside the core brought emergency vehicles to the site in droves.

150 North Wacker

I counted three such boarded-up holes in 150 North Wacker’s west facade.

Then, this past Friday, furious winds on as unseasonably warm February day sent construction materials airborne like so many whirling seeds from a maple tree. Vehicles and pedestrians were prohibited from using Wacker, Lake, and Randolph streets around the tower until late Saturday morning. Buildings along Wacker Drive were evacuated, and it appeared windows were broken in the west wall of 150 North Wacker.

150 North Riverside tower crane

Fortunately, the mighty tower crane stood firm.

Once the dust and wind and plywood settled, crews were able to get back into the tower and begin shoring up the scaffold and framing that had been ripped apart by the high winds, and work got back to normal. Or, as normal as can be for this already famous, though not half complete, office building.

150 N Riverside

Slightly disheveled, but still mighty pretty.



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