150 North Riverside: A 2016 Update


150 N Riverside

How about that photo bomb by River Point? Wolf Point West sneaks in, too.

It hasn’t been a year since I’ve updated you on 150 North Riverside’s progress, but I haven’t updated you since last year, either, so it’s time to remedy that situation.

The biggest change since my November update, besides the obvious increase in height, is glass. Lots of glorious, shimmering, shiny glass. And not just a window here and there. The cladding has covered seven full floors so far, and is rapidly spreading higher.

Also a huge improvement, at least as far as I’m concerned, is the lighting at 150 after work crews have gone home. One of the outstanding features of next-door-neighbor River Point’s construction process has been the interior lights that have made it nothing short of radiant at night. 150 N Riverside hasn’t reached equal levels of luminosity, but it’s much prettier in the dark than it used to be.

But enough of the verbiage. You already know tons about this building, so let’s just cut straight to the pictures. Pictures are fun.



2 thoughts on “150 North Riverside: A 2016 Update

  1. Keep the great pics coming and here’s hoping to the Wolf point south tower and Wanda get started this year! Thanks again for the great pics!!

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