I don’t want you to like it. I want you to read it.

I’ve said this before, but I’m saying it again.

Having a camera doesn’t make me a “photographer.”

Having a bat doesn’t make me a “baseball player.”

Having a blog doesn’t make me a “writer.”

Occasionally, I have a thought I wish someone else would hear. But since I don’t think out loud, I write things down. And if I like what I’ve written, I put it into blog form.

If I want more people to see that blog post, I share it on various platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, all that.

I need to stop posting them on Facebook. I hate Facebook more and more each day. For the usual reasons. Too many food pictures, too many cat updates, too many political opinions. Also, no one pays attention to Facebook.

Let me explain.

I post something from my blog on Facebook. 8 people click the “LIKE” button. That’s cool. 8 people like my post. Now, I’ve gotten over the numbers, so as not to feel self-conscious that less than 6% of my Facebook friends liked my post. No, that doesn’t bother me.

Here’s what bothers me: my blogging platform let’s me track metrics. And it tells me that ONE view on my blog has come through Facebook. ONE. That likely means, of the 8 people who clicked “LIKE” on my post, only ONE of them actually clicked the link to my blog. Never mind how many actually read the post; only one person clicked the link.

The blog post I linked to on Facebook is content. It isn’t a selfie. It isn’t a status update. It isn’t a joke. It’s content. I didn’t post it so you would click “LIKE.” I posted it because I want you to read it. Granted, I want you to read it *and* like it, but reading it is the most important thing. If you don’t like it, that’s something I can live with.

Stop doing that. Seeing that you liked my post without reading it doesn’t do anything for me. It does nothing for anyone. (I have to assume that if you do that with my posts, you’re doing it for others’ posts as well.) Save your likes for recipes and your grandma’s health updates. Those deserve likes. Content deserves to be read, or ignored. One or the other. I’d rather you ignore my post, than “LIKE” it without reading it.



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