1000 South Clark Street – From Dirt to Done

1000 South Clark 8-14

1000 South Clark Street in August of 2014, as the first crews and equipment got to work.

Dirt to done. Start to finish. Rendering to dwelling. That’s what I’ve been trying to capture over the past 15 or so months. Get to a proposed construction site while there are still cars parked in the lot, or when it’s mostly dirt, or even when the old buildings are still standing. Then watch things progress. Watch the caissons being drilled, see the foundations dug and poured, catch the first steel beams and glass windows. Watch the tower crane go up, then watch it come down.

1000 South Clark Street is among the projects I got to fairly early in the construction process. So early, in fact, that I thought the trucks parked in the dirt had no significance. Just parked there from other sites? (I had a lot to learn.)

1000 South Clark 12-14

1000 South Clark in early December, 2014. The entire construction site now fully involved.

When the tower cranes show up, then it’s a party. Glass is a big deal. As the outer shell rises, and windows are installed on the lower floors, working upwards.

1000 South Clark 6-15

Late June, 2015. Still lifting materials to height.

A building tops out, while glass installation continues. Once the exterior is completed, the focus moves to getting the interior ready for tenants or residents. Not as much fun to watch from the outside world, but a sure sign your building in grown up.

1000 South Clark has topped out, and the tower crane has moved on.

September 2015. 1000 South Clark has topped out, and the tower crane has moved on.

What’s left to be done? Perhaps landscaping, parking areas. There’s still plenty to see, you just won’t see it by looking up.

1000 South Clark ground level

From street level, there’s clearly much to be done even though 1000 South Clark has topped out.

1000 South Clark is on target for completion in February 2016. I’ll be back to get pictures of the fully-finished tower. Perhaps even from the inside. Looks like the kind of place where you’d enjoy living? Check out their website here.


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