Checking up on the Riverbend Three

The Riverbend Three

The Riverbend Three

I wasn’t away for long, but I was away. And in the construction trade, a week out of The Loop (no pun intended) means things will look very different the next time you drop by.

I may not share pictures on a daily basis from 150 N. Riverside, et al, but rest assured, I take ’em daily. So missing a week’s worth of progress on The Riverbend Three was quite noticeable. Not just at 150, but at the now-topped-out Wolf Point West, and the tower at River Point as well. So let’s get you caught up.

150 N Riverside

150 N Riverside, starting to head straight skyward.

That sweet tapering steel work at 150 North Riverside we’ve all been gawking at for the past several weeks has stopped flaring outward and is going vertical. Remember, this will grow to 54 stories when all is said and done, some time in early 2017.

150 N Riverside

On the last day of August, before that first layer of vertical steel.

That means we still have a lot of time to watch the core grow, followed by additional iron work as this glorious office tower continues to sprout skyward.

River Point, 444 West Lake Street

River Point, at 444 W Lake Street, has started adding glass.

River Point, 444 West Lake Street, at night

River Point at night.

The excitement at River Point (444 West Lake Street) not only involves the continuing challenge to gravity, but also the replacement of its shroud of secrecy with gleaming glass. That’s especially fun to watch on a building that curves the way River Point curves. If you look to the right end of said glass, there appears to be the beginnings of an archway similar to that facing the Chicago River. I can root against the Cardinals while still liking those archways, right? It’s not like I prefer St Louis-style ribs to Chicago pizza.

And while I wish I could see what’s going on within the structure work during the day, the view of River Point at night makes all the extra clothing seem worth it. It looks like a giant luminary floating down the Chicago River.

Wolf Point West

The 48-story Wolf Point West

Expected to open this Fall, there remains a considerable amount of work to be done on Wolf Point West, but the 48-story rental tower topped out back in July, and the tower crane came down just a couple weeks ago. Those are nice balconies, but with two more towers coming in the Wolf Point project, will there be views left to enjoy?

There was a “hard-hat tour” of Wolf Point West back in August, and I missed it. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat put the event together in conjunction with the builder, McHugh Construction. Invitees got to put on hard hats and goggles and take photos, not only of the tower and its interior, but also of the views looking out across Chicago and the Chicago River. I’m still bummed I couldn’t be there.

The uppermost floors of Wolf Point West await glass.

The uppermost floors of Wolf Point West await glass.

Remember, with 150 North Riverside expected to be complete in 2017, and two more towers still to come at Wolf Point, the river bend will be an active construction site for years to come. Stay tuned.


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