The Donald planning to add beacon to help illuminate Trump Sign

Trump Sign Beacon

Trump beacon at the very top of Trump Tower

Trump Sign Beacon

Trump beacon mid-height.

I took these photos from the L a few days ago, and had a brilliant idea: Why not take the beacon from atop the Palmolive Building and affix it to the top of Trump Tower? Palmolive has Vince Vaughn (for now) so they certainly don’t need to draw anymore attention. And since the Donald didn’t have the foresight to place his infamous Trump Sign higher in the Chicago Skyline, why not make sure everyone within a 25-mile radius knows exactly where to find it.

As you can see in the photos, there’s a decision to be made as the whether the beacon is most effective at the very top (I think this works best) or about two-thirds of the way up the building. The tippy-top option allows the furthest reach, and would be less likely to blind passing architecture tour boat captains on the Chicago River. But this isn’t a decision I’d be making; this is up to Mr. Trump and his minions.

And don’t bother taking credit for this idea; I’ve already printed a copy and mailed it to myself.


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