Stalking Aqua: My Year in Photos

Stalking Aqua

You’ve seen them, right? The Instagram videos showing the 5 most-liked photos you posted over the past year? Well, you didn’t see one from me for 2014. Why? Because all five were the same subject: Aqua.

It comes as no surprise to me. I, along with the rest of Chicago, love that building, and I can’t walk by without snapping photos like a tourist on a 3-hour layover. This marvelous brainchild of Chicago Architect Jeanne Gang (not this one; this one’s a monstrosity), with its unique wavy balconies and window “lakes,” is most appealing on sunny days, when those pools of glass reflect the blue skies. As with most photos I share, I’ve whittled my collection of Aqua shots down to a reasonable few for you to see. You’ll notice just how different this beauty looks from each angle and perspective.

What’s missing? Photos from inside Aqua, looking out over Chicago. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to go up there someday soon.



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