The Chicago River Barge: My Year in Photos

Chicago River Barge Art


Back on the 17th of October, a barge being loaded with clay from the construction project at 150 North Riverside snapped and sank in the Chicago River. No one was on board, and there were no injuries. It made the evening news, and got headlines in all the papers. But it certainly wasn’t much more than an inconvenient accident. Yet for some reason, I became obsessed with it.

Maybe it was the novelty of having a minor shipwreck within easy pubic view. Perhaps it was my new-found interest in architecture and new construction projects, such as the one this barge was part of, that caught my eye. Twitter enthusiast that I am, it could have been the goofball who saw fit to create the ChiRiverBarge Twitter account that drew me in. (He’s pretty funny.) Whatever the reason, the Chicago River Barge sinking was all I cared about. I needed to know the barge’s every move. What follows is a collection of photos from the three weeks the Chicago River Barge spent stuck in the mud between the Randolph and Lake Street bridges.

How did they finally get it moved? Mark Konkol of DNAInfo knows.

And Jordan Owen of the Sun-Times knows.

Where is The Chicago River Barge now? Someone knows, but they aren’t saying much.

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