Riding the L: An Orange Line excursion

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a few other times: When riding the L, sit or stand at the very back of the CTA train. Look out the back window. Have your camera ready. Now, take a ride on the Orange Line with me.

Regardless of where you stand on Trump Tower, it is impossible to miss when Wabash meets the Chicago River.

Wabash looking north

Once you’re south of The Loop, while staring at one of my personal favorites, the Roosevelt University building, know that someone might be staring at you, too. Namely, a bizarre, oversized moose. Blowing a bubble.

Riding the L: An Orange Line Excursion

Riding the L – Leaving the Loop


Tracks cross as the architecture gets smaller.

Riding the L: Criss-crossing track

Criss-crossing track


Now you look straight east as the train takes a westward tack.

Looking due east.

Looking due east.


A left turn through Ping Tom Park, and the city swings back into view.

Riding the L: Just south of Chinatown

Near Ping Tom Park


With the skyline fading in the background, industrial areas dominate the scenery.


Riding the L: The southeast side.

On the southeast side.


Freight trains and commuter trains jockey for position. Though not literally; that would be dangerous.

Riding the L: Freight tankers along side

Tracks along tracks


Colorful freight engines become a welcome diversion. You’re almost to Midway.

Riding the L: An Orange Line excursion

Colorful engines on real trains.



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