Sitting this one out. Again.

Skagit Flats Half Marathon race bib

Skagit Flats Half Marathon race bib

That’s the blandest race bib I’ve ever been assigned, but it looks much better against the background of a nice hotel comforter. Sadly, it won’t be pinned to running apparel today. For the second time in 2014, I’m missing out on a half marathon for which I’ve paid an entry fee.

Calf problems have been the culprit in both missed races; this most recent episode prompted me to see a doctor. An MRI revealed the underlying problem is in my achilles tendons. I’ve abused them to the brink of rupture, most likely from a combination of bad running form and an insufficient pre- and post-run stretching routine. Health insurance paid for the diagnosis; they will not, however, cover physical therapy/rehab. I’ve consequently been forced to choose rest as my only means of healing. I’ve taken 6 weeks off from running since the latest injury, but up until this morning, intended to give today’s race an honest effort. Maybe it was the pre-dawn alarm clock talking, but I awoke too apprehensive to run.

The prospect of jogging ( I hate jogging; I want to run) 6 and a half miles of an out-and-back course, only to sustain injury and have to walk back to the finish area; not getting injured, but taking more time to finish than I want to have to tell anyone about; the possibility of doing further — or severe — injury to an achilles; the next 3 days of walking injured while sightseeing in the Pacific Northwest; all make the quest for that shiny medal at the finish line seem less than worthwhile.

So I sit in the hotel room, having dropped Jennifer off at the start line for her full marathon (Jen wants to run a race in all 50 states. I seem to be striving toward missing one in all 50. I’ve achieved Indiana and now Washington), getting my money’s worth of free continental breakfast, waiting for football, and hammering out a blog post. I’m contemplating whether or not to take the entire winter off from running, hoping I’ll be healed and ready to start again come spring. I have little interest in being outside on the lakefront path during Chicago winters anyway. But this is probably the wrong day to make that decision.

At least I get to see Seattle for the first time.

P.S. I’m told it’s not “skag-it” or “skay-git.” It is pronounced “skaj-it”

Now you know that too.


2 thoughts on “Sitting this one out. Again.

  1. So sorry about this. I think it would be worth your while to contact a physical therapist to make an appt just to have them show you some exercises. Let them know your insurance won’t cover, but you’d just like a consultation with them. I would do it.

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