The real reason you hate the TRUMP sign: Part 3

Chicago Trump sign - Hotel signage along the sacred Magnificent Mile

Hotel signage along the sacred Magnificent Mile

These posts have jumped the shark.

By now, you’re as tired of hearing about the Chicago Trump Sign controversy as I am of writing about it. I was gonna make this third (and final) post all about the current signage along the Magnificent Mile. I was gonna show photos of the huge Drake Hotel sign that screams at you as you head south on Lake Shore Drive. But of course, as all Seinfeld fans know, everyone loves the Drake, so there was no point in drumming up rage for that. But I also had photos ready of the Allerton, the Marriott, and Hilton Hotels that hover over Chicago’s sacred shopping area. And can you walk north on Michigan Avenue from the river without noticing the large Chicago Tribune lettering on their building at 435? But what’s the point. It’s all been done. And re-done. And overdone.

** Ok, I changed my mind. Here’s a picture of hotel signage. Too high to be noticed when you’re focused on shopping, but certainly a part of the skyline. **

Look, I preferred the building before the lettering was added too. But stop with the hyperbole. It isn’t in “very poor taste” like our Mayor said. (That doesn’t even make sense, Rahm.) It’s not “ghastly” like our film critic said. I certainly don’t see how anyone could find if “offensive” like a newspaper reader said. It’s lettering on a building that spells out a Brand name. When Mr. Trump tries to add DONALD in front of the TRUMP sign, I’ll be out there protesting with every ounce of energy I have left. Because that won’t be overreacting. But this, what we’re doing now? This is overreacting.

This entire exercise has been my attempt to point out that you hate the TRUMP sign because you hate Donald Trump. NOT because his sign ruins the skyline. Not because we “don’t have signs like that in the Midwest.” Because you hate that man. And that’s understandable. He’s arrogant. An egomaniac who seems light years removed from the common man. So just say that’s the reason.

And it’s getting no easier to be unbiased about this mess. Tweets from The Donald’s Twitter account (I, for one, am not convinced that’s actually him) continue to brag about how much everyone loves the new sign, while retweeting folks who I personally wouldn’t want to acknowledge were on my side in any situation. In a post yesterday, I pointed out how a Trump rep called a Chicago tour company to complain about a comment made from a passing boat. I have no explanation for why anyone at Trump would expect us all to love what is an obvious attention-grab on their part. Not to mention why they feel they have a right to silence public discussion of it.

Yeah, I dislike that organization more with each passing day. But I don’t mind the sign so much. Of course, I also think Chicagoans should be allowed to ask for ketchup, and say “Willis Tower.” So what do I know.


Chicago Trump sign - Aqua, don't ever change.

Aqua, don’t ever change.


Let’s rally around this beauty, Chicago. She remains the most wonderful building in the world.


3 thoughts on “The real reason you hate the TRUMP sign: Part 3

  1. Sorry, but I disagree. I just hate the sign, regardless of the person. It could say “Smith,” and my feelings wouldn’t change. Just because other buildings have signs doesn’t mean I have to like this one any better. Furthermore, as you’ve pointed out the other signs are much higher up and therefore less intrusive. This one is almost at eye level at an iconic stretch of the river. I think “very poor taste” is accurate. But, yes, “ghastly” might be an overreach.

    • That’s fair. If you hate the sign, you hate the sign. Keep in mind, my main point is there are too many people complaining about how it “ruins the skyline.” If it ruins the view along the river for you, that’s a legitimate point. The skyline argument people are using is not.

      Thank you for making your feelings known here. — Daniel

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