This just in: The Donald and his staff are *really* sensitive about the TRUMP sign

Chicago Trump sign - Trump sign from the Wabash L

Trump sign from the Wabash L

Consider this an emergency update to my Chicago Trump Sign Crisis posts.

The point of my posts on this controversy hasn’t been that you should love the new signage. But rather, and specifically, that complaining about its effect on the Chicago skyline is unmerited, as the sign isn’t anywhere near the top of the building, and therefore hidden from skyline views. There are plenty of valid reasons to dislike it, whether you simply aren’t a fan of Donald Trump and/or his brand, the look of the Trump sign, or how it changes the scenery at the river.

And here now, I present another very good reason for you to hate it.

I have it on good authority that earlier this week,  a passing tour guide with one of the Chicago boat tour companies made a snarky comment about the Trump sign as they passed by the tower. I don’t know what exactly was said, but suffice it to say, the guide is not a fan. The comment was amplified enough by the ship’s PA system that a Trump employee along the river heard it, reported it to superiors, and a Trump representative contacted the tour company to complain. As a result, the tour guide was officially written up, and all other guides were notified that no negative or disparaging comments were to be made aboard their craft in the future.

I’ll let you decide on your own what this says about the organization there along the river. My opinion would only cloud your judgement, and you’ve done enough just by reading this far.

— I see now the Mayor’s office is fighting the Trump sign. Is that why the signage was approved in the first place? So Rahm could swoop in, order the sign’s removal, and be the hero just in time for re-election? Stay tuned.




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