Well played, Coronado


Instagram photo of the dunes along the Coronado shoreline

Above is an Instagram photo I posted on Feb 5 from Coronado, CA. As we walked along Ocean Boulevard, these looked like typical sand dunes. Today, I found the truth, as only Google Maps can present. Consider my mind blown. Well played, Coronado. Well played.

Also, you should go there. Soon. And you should take me with you.

Photo from Google Maps

Photo from Google Maps


We need more places on the interwebs to share photos

Mountains of Anza-Borrego

Mountains of Anza-Borrego

…But in the meantime, I’m throwing a bunch of California Trip pics onto a new Pinterest board. Normally, you wouldn’t care. But in this case, I nailed the name. Bask in it.

Here’s the link.

Praising California

Maybe it’s the snow and cold of winter in Chicago. Maybe it’s a job I loathe making me miserable on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the avoidance of the reality that everything here is 50% more expensive than back home. But I don’t want to leave California. Ever.

More about it soon. Having a great time, wish you were here, etc etc.