On quality of life and news

A couple thoughts came to me when I saw this Breaking News banner on CNN today.

CNN Sharon news




First, and foremost:  Does anyone want to “live” this way? In a coma for 7+ years? Mr. Sharon likely has no sense of the last seven years of his life, and therefore would have no input into the decision to be kept alive. One can only presume his family made that decision for him, likely in hopes of a better outcome.  I do know this: I want no part of life support for a duration anywhere close to this long. I do not see the point.

Secondly: And, admittedly, I didn’t read CNN’s article. But what could possibly be considered a worsened condition after spending 3/4 of a decade comatose?

Lastly: This is breaking news? Coming out of a coma after more than 7 years would certainly be cause for headlines.  But a coma worsening after such an extended period of time took far too long to “break” to make it banner-worthy. A news article is certainly warranted; an alert of this kind is not. However, very few news agencies solicit my opinion on these matters.

Oh, and happy New year…


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