They’re they’re now, it’s just another grammarant

The there/their/they’re struggle has been widely addressed throughout Grammardom, perhaps to the saturation point. Problem is, we’re simply not getting the message. I’ve even embarrassed myself by sending out the occasional tweet with a there where a their belongs, without paying enough attention. And while it’s inexcusable save for the ignorance alibi, a transgression on Twitter seems pale in comparison to a grammar faux pas on the big stage.

there their fail

This gem appeared on the homepage yesterday. Not buried in a blog, and not as a rant in the rarely-safe-to-read comments section, but right smack dab in the center of the baseball universe. I don’t know how such things make it through on sites as big, as important (to some) as I have a theory that editing can’t be done effectively and efficiently on such a broad platform as the internet. But that’s only my opinion.

I have enough social grace to allow such errors to pass from an individual user, especially someone I know. But I couldn’t let this go.

MLB fail tweets

I checked these two tweets at least 62 times for errors before sending them out. And though it took several hours, much longer than it should have, had corrected the mistakes by late Saturday evening.


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