The 5 writers you meet on Twitter

Twitter is full of authors. Some accomplished, others not so much. For the most part, they don’t sneak around. While you can usually find their credentials prominently displayed in the bio section, if not on their sleeve, they are generally easier to spot by their tweets.

The Word Counter is always amazed they’ve been able to knock out 5,500 words about fire fly habitats or tile grout. They’re not just convinced you want to read their blog post about cherry blossoms; they’re convinced you want to read their 2,600-word blog post about cherry blossoms. Tweets usually culminate in “I could have written more…” Thanks. I couldn’t have read more.

The Martyr has given up their entire evening/weekend/vacation to finish writing that article that absolutely has to be done by Monday. What you may not have known, until they tell you, is that articles like theirs “don’t write themselves.”

The Reminderer can’t wait to remind you who they write for, what they write about, and how long they’ve been writing. “I have so much writing to do today” and “I should be writing instead of tweeting right now” are staples. Don’t be alarmed if they ask for guidance, as they often “have no idea what to write about today.” All writers tweet links to their posts; The Reminderer sends you links to what he wrote 2 years ago.

The Updater insists on keeping you apprised of their progress, knowing you’re on pins and needles, waiting to hear they’ve finished Chapter XXVII and are moving on to Chapter XXVIII.  Hopefully, by the time their book is finished, someone will still care.

The Insomniac uses too much punctuation, because they were “up all night to beat that deadline!!!!!!” The deadline they tweeted about all day yesterday, when they could have been writing.


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