Bass-less whining

At some point in high school, I became fascinated with the bass guitar. At another point, in my early twenties (no, I wasn’t still in high school), I realized I could afford to buy a bass of my own and learn to play it. I messed around for a year or two, playing along to the easier bass lines on cd’s, until that got boring and I needed to do more. I signed up for lessons with a local teacher recommended by a friend. Week One was superb; I practiced every night for an hour like a diligent student. Week Two saw my instructor blow me off; Week Three and he cancelled my appointment. I told him to keep the $10 for Week Four, and I’d find someone more reliable.

Conklin 7 string fretted/7 string fretless doubleneck bass

I never did. 20-some years later, I grew tired of lugging around my two basses and amplifier, and gave them away. A move I regret now, but at least I have that extra 10 square feet of available space in my apartment.

I leave you now with two things:

1. My new Pinterest Bass board. As with all my boards, it will be an ongoing work in progress. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unique and interesting basses out there. Some are as much art as they are instrument.

2. All children should be encouraged to take up a musical instrument. Not forced; encouraged. At some point in their lives, and trust me on this one, they’ll want to be in a band. And there are only so many tambourine-player spots available out there.


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