Grammarant for Feb 5. I almost panic’ed

I learned something new today. Or, in the very least, I was reminded of something I used to know, and had forgotten.

I tried to type the past tense of panic. I didn’t want to wimp out and go straight to spell check, but everything I tried was being underlined in red. Paniced, panicced. I even tried pannicced, nevermind that there was no decent reason to add a second ‘n’. I finally gave in, and let my built-in editor help me, and lo and behold, you have to add a ‘k’ in order to form the past tense: panicked.

So, now I’m hoping that in between commercials during that Big Game That We Have To Pay A Fee In Order To Mention  By Name, you’ll all throw some other words in the comments section that end in ‘c’ that need a ‘k’ for other tenses.



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