ISS straight up

As you know, I’m a sucker for the International Space Station. There’s something magical about seeing that bright light fly across the sky, knowing there are people on board. Brilliant people,  hard at work, doing things I’ll never understand.

Of course, my enthusiasm wanes a bit when she passes overhead early in the morning, instead of early in the evening. But among the many opportunities to see the ISS this week is a spectacular, 6 and a half-minute trek that will be directly over Chicago.  The pass will begin at 6:42 on Monday morning, the 30th. It will come up in the northwest sky, and move in a straight line towards the southeast horizon. It should be immediately above us just before 6:46am.

Two concerns for this pass. One, as always, will be clear skies. But the second: will the sky already be too bright for us to see the sun reflect of the ISS? There have been many passes that NASA says I’ll be able to see, but when I go outside and watch for her, there is too much light in the sky for it to be seen. At least with the naked eye. So I’m hoping for a clear, dark morning.

If this one doesn’t work out, there will be an equally bright pass on the morning of the 2nd. Though this will be a shorter pass, lasting only about 4 minutes, it should be every bit as awesome. I hope you’re able to make it outside for one or both of these.


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