You win, Rosetta. You win.

I’ve chronicled my contemptuous relationship with Rosetta Stone and their resale policy to near-ad nauseam levels on this blog, herehere, here, and here. I’m broken. It’s time to accept defeat, and move on.

While it would have been nice to get $400-500 for what is a brand-new, untouched set of Rosetta Stone Spanish software, I’ve decided to give up hope of selling, and learn Spanish. Maybe it will help me get a decent job when being bi-lingual is required. Or maybe it will just help me communicate in a region where the Spanish-speaking population continues to grow exponentially. The worst thing that can happen is I learn a new language. All that remains now is for me to crack open the box and start learning.

Thinking about buying Rosetta Stone software? Make sure you know what you’re getting. I am not going to plug their product; just be aware there is a lot of bogus stuff out there, and those pedaling it aren’t the types to willingly refund your purchase price.

Keep watching this space. Maybe I’ll be habla-ing here soon.


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