Is an Apple a day a good idea?

Not to eat.

No, I need to put more apps on miPhone. A smart phone isn’t like a computer right? Where the more things you have going on, the slower it performs? Because I only have 3 pages of apps on it now, and when I see a commercial that says there are over 500,000 of them available, it tells me I’m under-utilizing my device. And while the iPhone still has its shiny new toy appeal for me, new apps are like extra presents in the days after Christmas.

my iPhone front page

So what apps should I be using? I have some space-gazing apps, a couple of word games (I’m not much of a gamer), the usual social media stuff, but not enough to be able to say “Oh cool, I forgot I downloaded that!” Am I missing any of the must-have, all-the-rage tools? What say you, Apple Nation?


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