English teachers, am I wrong? Grammarant for Dec 5

grammarant: n. any rambling diatribe by an expert or non-expert in the English language about the misuse of a word or phrase

I saw a news headline tweeted today that struck a nerve with me. As always with my rants, I have no scientific knowledge pertinent to the subject of which I speak. But I’m usually pretty sure I’m right.

Here’s the offending link.

I take issue with the use of the word “and”. Shouldn’t it say the two McHenry brothers used weapons to try to kill the man? I can only assume they didn’t charge him and bring him up before a jury of his peers, so they couldn’t have legally tried him in a court of law. They didn’t use the machete as a gavel, did they? They way I see it, if the two suspects didn’t try, then kill the man, this headline is wrong.

This is an oft-made grammatical error. You can blame my mom for bringing it to my attention. I was in high school when I first heard her bring up this same issue. There was an article written in the school newspaper using “and” instead of “to” (I think it was written by my brother, the one who has been trying to steal my Steeler football glory. So I’ve no doubt he deserves such criticism). I can’t help but notice the mistake ever since.


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