Should I Be Able To Bend This?

Flexibility matters. And I ain’t got none. I can’t even keep my knees straight when I try to stretch out my hamstrings. Even in my high school athletic days, I was never one for stretching. The summer before my senior year, I spent half an hour everyday stretching in my sweltering attic bedroom. Hot yoga before it was cool, if you will. But by the time basketball season lagged into track, I was back to my old unbending ways. I’ve thrown myself down on the floor a few times lately, but I’m easily frustrated with what appears to be the early onset of rigor mortis in my lower extremities. Plus, it hurts.

What do I do to slowly get some pliability back in these old muscles? My running is going fairly well, but I know I’m not spending nearly enough time before and after getting my legs stretched out. Are there clinics that will put you under anesthesia and bend you up all pretzel-like, the way the dentist does? (Not the bending part; I mean when you they knock you out to do dental work, silly) I wouldn’t mind waking and feeling everything all loosened up for me. Then I’d really be ready for a run. I’d be willing to take a few free yoga classes, or something similar, just to learn some techniques. Yes, free is important.

BTW, I got in 4.5 miles today after doing 3.5 yesterday evening. May have been a little too close together, as I feel especially rigid now. But I got new shoes on Saturday, and I needed to give them a try. Maybe I should have paid a little extra and splurged on some new calves instead?


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