Even Moths Take Hollidays

It drew a lot of chuckles, but what happened to the St. Louis Cardinals’ Matt Holliday this week was no laughing matter. A moth flew into his ear, and he had to leave the game to have it taken out.

This exact same thing happened to me once, and no, it wasn’t funny at all.

Except is wasn’t a moth, it was a bee.

And it didn’t fly into my ear; it was my can of Pepsi.

Come to think of it, I didn’t even get stung.

Ugh, I should delete this one too…


4 thoughts on “Even Moths Take Hollidays

  1. We just talked about this at work the othet day! A coworker once had a baby cicada crawl in her ear while she was napping outside and stay for two weeks. Bugs in ears creep me out!!

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