Blame It On Xerox

After all, didn’t they invent copying?

I once heard two sportswriters begin a discussion about plagiarism. And while I wasn’t able to eavesdrop on their entire conversation, it got me to thinking about the subject. It seems to me, with everyone and their cat having blogs these days, isn’t it inevitable that we’re going to step on each others toes from time to time? I don’t mean on purpose. I’m talking about pure, unintentional posts, on the same subject, that happen to turn out similar. Especially in the sports world, where everyone is trying to report the same game/event/news/celeb-the-shortstop-is-dating, you’re going to have instances where writers create similar content without any idea someone else just said the same thing.

I ran on in that paragraph to lead you to this: Yesterday I posted on my blog about my increasing misuse of the word “literally”. Well, friend and fellow Cub enthusiast Adam Kellogg ( had posted an eerily similar blog, literally, less than a month ago. It happens, I guess. But it seemed like the right thing to do was to take my post down. Adam’s was better than mine anyway. Not that I don’t think two people can have the same thoughts on a subject, but it just looked too suspicious. If you happened to see them both, I’m sure you would have agreed.

My apologies to Adam, though I’m sure he neither expects one nor feels one is necessary. The thoughts on the page were my own. But when someone else does it first, and more eloquently, good judgement wins out. Especially when that blog is linked to your own. Plus, it gave me something to write about today, because I’m not feeling particularly creative 🙂



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