You People Are In Serious Trouble

I attended a blogging seminar this weekend, thanks to my buddy PhamPants. I skipped the Air and Water Show for it, it seemed like such a good opportunity. Granted, it was for 20-something bloggers, so I have to double all the recipes. But among the things I learned is the importance of contributing on a more-regular basis to my blog. Like, a nearly everyday basis. Yeah. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

One of the things I wanted to avoid when I started my blog was to write about stupid, mundane stuff. If I can’t make it seem interesting to a reader, I don’t think it deserves to be in print. But I am encouraged to publish some garbage now. If I feel like writing it, I’m going to write it. If people don’t like, they can tell me about it, and I can adjust accordingly. Afterall, that’s the reason the comment section exists.

So for those of you who are regular readers (it’s a ‘select’ group) be prepared. I may head off on tangents from time to time, but if I don’t hear feedback about it, I won’t know if you hate it. Then again, I might not care if you hate it.

Thanks to John Pham for helping Jen Healy and I get to the summit. Thanks to the folks at 20SB for putting on a great event. I look forward to next year’s. Though let’s not do it on another beautiful weekend. February perhaps?


7 thoughts on “You People Are In Serious Trouble

  1. It’s better to have people write on your blog to tell you to stop blogging so much–the 1st goal is to let people know it exists! Only then can it reach an audience that is eager for it everyday. *The More You Know* DoDoDoDo

    N2 O2 Ar CO2 Ne CH4 He is air….Isn’t that common knowledge? *Closes Google page*

  2. So you’re saying you only want to be a foul-weather blogger?

    I’m thinking you should’ve just copied the notes of some of your friends attending, and then you could’ve blogged about the O-n-H2O show (with pictures even?).

    And yes, before you correct me, I’m aware that air is more than just oxygen. If it weren’t, things may just blow up in our face. It’s just I’m usually more concerned with getting the O out of the air…especialy when I’m in a hurry.

    Sorry, this is your blog. I should save my mad writing skillz in case I ever decide to start my own blog. The “everyday” part of it seems way too much effort. And not to mention diary-ish. And who wants that?

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