The Chicago Left

Nope, not an organized crime outfit.

Not a political fund-raising group, either.

The Chicago Left. You may not have heard the name, but you’ve seen them happen. The traffic signal turns red, and 3 cars complete their left turn through the intersection. Whilst you sit there patiently (admittedly, in varying degrees) and wait to make your own left turn. Because you’ve had the green for at least 4 seconds. Adding to your frustration is the cab driver behind you, who honked his horn an eighth of a second after you got the green arrow because your car hasn’t started moving yet. 8.7 million red light cameras in this town, all worried about people coming to a complete stop on right turns, and nothing being done about the Chicago Left.

I vowed when I moved out here in 2002 that I would never become one of these left-winging fanatics (see what I kinda did there?). And, for the most part, I’ve stayed true to my promise. But sometimes, when you’re in a hurry. or just don’t feel like waiting, and you know there will be no legal repercussions, it’s hard to let the light change in front of you. Let’s see law enforcement make any minor strides in stopping this, and I bet people get the message pretty quickly, and stop mucking up our intersections.

On a related note, the next time the cab drivers demand a rate increase, and as gas prices continue to soar, who can blame them (tips people, tips!) I propose that only those drivers willing to have their car horns removed are eligible for the increased fare. Seriously. They don’t know how to use them.


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