2011 Cubs. 2 Months In. The Good.

The Double Play Combo. Hi. Mr. Obvious here, to tell you about Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney. We all got to see Castro last season, and we were expecting big things from him again this year. And for the next 15. But did anyone see Darwin Barney having this impact? Right now, he’s my most deserving Cub for an All-Star spot. Castro is just behind him. By half a point on the Stableford modified scoring system. Or something similar. These crazy kids are gonna be fun to watch for a long time.

Carlos Zambrano. He likes baseball again.  Because he’s having fun. I say it every time I see him on the field, but he’s hitting, running, and smiling like a Little Leaguer. This is the Z I love to watch. I hope he doesn’t enjoy himself right into a deadline trade.

The Bullpen. Baseball history won’t rave about this group, but they’ve been better than what we feared. Jeff Samardzija? 3-0 with a 3.76 ERA. And his WHIP is 1.63! I don’t know what that is, but it’s impressive! Kerry Wood is back, and that just feels right regardless of how he pitches (1-3, 2.41 ERA). John Grabow doesn’t scare me anymore. Some of the time. Carlos Marmol, while still heart-stopping at times, has been solid.

Utility Men. Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson have made the most of their playing time. Blake Dewitt hit a home run on a non-homer day when I was at Wrigley. Lou Montanez put it all together and made his Cubs debut. After 11 years. Perseverance. Well done.

I went to one game. It was cold. Rainy. Pena drilled a ninth inning home run, and Kosuke won it with a single. Watched with a good friend. What’s better than fun at the old ballpark?


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