2011 Cubs. 2 Months In. The Good-Byes?

Some of these players won’t be here at season’s end. I’ll miss most, if not all of them. because they wore the blue pinstripes.

Aramis Ramirez? He has one home run. He’s hitting .290, which is above his career average, but his slugging is just .379. That’s bad for a power-hitting corner infielder. Will anyone be interested at the trade deadline? I certainly don’t see any chance he’ll be back next year. Aramis was my favorite Pirate when I was in Pittsburgh. I loved him here too.

Carlos Pena? The April Carlos can please stay away. This May version ain’t bad at all. But with it looking like the Cubs won’t be playing in October, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to keep Pena here if someone comes calling. No way I can see the Cubs bringing him back for 2012 unless he goes on an absolute tear.

Koyie Hill? Will the Cubs try to shop Koyie to the Giants as a replacement for Buster Posey? Will Giants fans hate us if they do?

Kerry Wood? Kerry hasn’t pitched poorly, but he hasn’t been lights out either. Does any other team value him like the Cubs do? Will we bring him back next year? Is he really headed to the booth? We need more Kerry Woods in Chicago, be it pitcher or citizen. Still happy you’re home, 34.

Jeff Samardzija? I think he’s pitched well enough to merit some interest at trade time. Maybe even from the Bears. I don’t want to see him go necessarily, but get what we can if someone wants him.

Blake Dewitt? I’m too lazy to look up Blake’s contract situation, but he’s been a part-timer at best. No lasting impression for me. Don’t dislike him, but won’t miss him.

Kosuke Fukudome? The Cubs tried the Japanese import thing, and it just hasn’t worked out. Kosuke has always hustled, always played well in the outfield. But he was brought here for his bat, and it hasn’t produced. I will miss him. He seemed like a good teammate, albeit an invisible one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak. Probably sounds like Jimmy Stewart.

Reed Johnson? Jeff Baker? Two veteran guys who have filled their roles admirably so far this season. I wouldn’t mind seeing them stay, but I bet some GM’s start calling about them by July.

Bob Brenly? Will he manage again? Does he want to manage again? Will he have to give up his mic to Kerry Wood? Or will Kerry go to the radio booth?

Mike Quade? Will he last 3 years? Will this team leave him a blubbering mess like they did to Lou? Doubt it.


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