2011 Cubs. 2 Months In. The Bad.

Starting Pitching.  It hasn’t been bad starting pitching as much as it’s been injuries. Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells are still out, while Matt Garza just went to the DL. Imagine, if Carlos Silva had toughed it out, he’d be #3 in the rotation right now. Instead we roll out Russells and Maines and Colemans and hope for 4 good innings. Ryan Dempster certainly hasn’t been the pitcher we expect him to be. Certainly not what he expects to be, either.

Hitting For Power. Alfonso Soriano gets an exemption. Everyone else? Seems like every year we tell ourselves “these guys will hit once the weather warms up”. I’m not willing to give them a Mayvember pass though. Carlos Pena, our left-handed power hope, is starting to hit the ball harder (he homered at Wrigley as I started writing this) but he went through April with the power numbers of Alejandro Pena. Aramis Ramirez? One home run. One. Same as Koyie Hill, Carlos Zambrano, Darwin Barney, and Blake Dewitt, among others. When did Forbes Field take over for Wrigley?

Defense. The Cubs started today 6th in MLB in most errors. Some of them have been painful to watch. Overthrows. Unnecessary throws. Sloppy fielding. Don’t let your kids see this.

Tyler Colvin. Not fair to Tyler. He got no playing time. But I thought he’d be starting a lot this season. So to see him go down to Des Moines (happily, he’ll get the at bats he needs and deserves, and hopefully come back strong and be in the lineup) has been upsetting. I was looking at 20-25 homers from him. Not this year.


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