The Endeavour Must Wait

If you’re standing outside waiting for Endeavour and ISS to fly over, you might want to pack a lunch. Endeavour has some tech/mech problems. The launch was scrubbed this morning, and NASA is saying the delay will be at least 72 hours.

I feel bad for the thousands of people who traveled to Florida to watch the launch. Obviously, that’s not an inexpensive trek. I’ve got NASA TV on, with just a live shot of the shuttle on the pad. It’s steaming; probably out of frustration. Though I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be doing that.

So stay tuned. As everyone knows by now, everything has to be in perfect condition before they’ll attempt to launch again.

On a positive note, I hope you saw the footage of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords walking up the steps into a plane yesterday, on her way to watch Capt. Kelly head into space. That was great to see. All the best to her. Hopefully she’s able to stay in Florida, or get back when the launch is rescheduled. Best wishes, Rep. Giffords!


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