Ah Just Felt Lahk Runneng

No, actually, I don’t feel like running, Forrest. In fact, I hate running. But my DOT physical confirmed what I already knew; I’m up 24 lbs from two years ago, when I was basically power-walking at work for 8-10 hours a day. So, it’s time to try it again. As long as I can keep the calf strains at bay, which is what derailed my last attempt at regular running, I’m pretty determined to use it as a means of getting back into shape. I even almost bought a good pair of running shoes today. (They didn’t have my size, or I probably would have.)

So, you’re all gonna do this with me, right? RIGHT?


2 thoughts on “Ah Just Felt Lahk Runneng

  1. Waiting for nicer weather? I totally understand…That’s the nice thing I’m finding about being completely out of shape: If it looks like there’s a 15-minute window without rain, I can get a run in. No need for an hour to go 6-7 miles.

  2. Yeah. Right. Definitely. Just as soon as I buy new running shoes. And a nice running suit. In just the right color. And I should get a water bottle so I don’t get dehydrated from all that running. And shopping. And…yeah…don’t wait up, okay.

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