We’ll Be Changing The Name Again

After careful consideration, or at least a whim, I’ve decided to change the name of this blog. Again. Honestly, this isn’t a Cubs blog. There are 17,000 Cubs blogs out there. People post on them everyday about the most recent games, acquisitions, news and the like. Most of it negative and snarky. And I’m simply not clever enough to write about them each day and make it sound new and/or original. So, coming soon, a new title, something catchy, something more reflective of me than just my Cubs obsession. Suggestions will be accepted, but I will not be giving away the Harry Caray hat nor the Mark Grace bat. I might have a couple bananas,  if y’all insist on a prize.

Or maybe not. I don’t know. I’m indecisive. Results, inconclusive.

Boom. Did it. New name, new look, same intermittent varied content. Don’t like it? Mix one part tough noogies with one part don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll change it again fairly soon.

P.S. I’ve noticed lately that my spell check takes longer to find no mistakes than it does to find numerous mistakes. It’s like it’s taking extra time before begrudgingly acknowledging that I haven’t screwed anything up. Is it really capable of such skepticism?


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