I Just Got Geekier

Even though it looked like just a small light in the sky, tonight I saw a space shuttle for the first time ever. Trailing behind it by about a fist-length was the Space Station. A little celestial follow-the-leader if you will. I yelled out loud about how cool it was, hoping a neighbor might wander out to see what the fuss was so I could point it out to someone. Two more missions before NASA scraps the Space Shuttle program. I’ll be standing outside watching for them.

3/27/11  Spent a couple minutes out in the middle of the street this morning, from 05:26 to 05:30 to get the best vantage point for a great pass over northern Illinois. Supposed to be another good one tomorrow morning that looks like it will go almost directly overhead. Other than being at 05:52, I’m looking forward to clear skies. And the ability to drag myself out of bed in time.


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