Tim McClelland Kicked Me Out Of Wrigley

George Brett and I have a lot more in common than you might think.

I was in the umpire room after a game. Jimmy Farrell, the nicest man in the world, told me to come in while I waited to take the umpires’ gear to the airport.  Tim McClelland, the crew chief, stuck his head through the door to say something to Jimmy. It was going to be something funny too, because he had a big smile on his face. But as soon as he saw me sitting there, the smile was gone, and he pulled back from the door. He called Jimmy into locker area, and when he came back out, he apologetically asked me to wait outside.

Once the umpires had left and I had their trunks loaded up, Jimmy apologized to me again. Officially, MLB doesn’t allow any visitors in the umpires’ quarters after games, but most don’t make a big deal of having someone like an equipment man there. The rule is mostly to keep team personnel from being there to argue with or pester the crew. And Jimmy liked having company in there. We had some great conversations. I told him I understood, it was no problem. But I walked away thinking that was a pretty lame thing to do on McClelland’s part. He knew why I was there.

So yeah, George Brett and me. Tim McClelland threw us both out. My first, and only, career ejection.


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