Back to eBay: Where I Actually Do Indeed Give Up

The fine folks at eBay will have to police things themselves from now on.

I know, I know. I was bound and determined to put an end to the fake Rosetta Stone software flying off the virtual shelves. Until, that is, I bought some more.

Legitimate, this time. I bought a brand new set of Rosetta Stone Spanish from a real seller on a real transaction. But shortly after buying, decided I didn’t have the ambition to learn Spanish. So naturally, I listed it back on eBay. Only to have it removed, and my account threatened, by eBay and their watchdog group. In spite of the fact the software has never been used, downloaded, registered, or even removed from the packaging, I can’t resell it. Something about an end-user agreement. Never mind the hundreds of other auctions for Rosetta Stone on eBay being offered by non-licensed sellers.

So yes, I have given up. No more wasted time fighting the good fight.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a brand new set of Rosetta Stone Latin America Spanish Version 3 Levels 1-5, give me a ring.


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