Part I: Miller Park

Thus begins my travelogue of the three Major League ballparks I serviced with the courier company.

Miller Park was always fun, and not just because it was far enough away to take up most of an 8-hour shift. I even got to watch the final 9 innings of the 17-inning game against the Cubs from a metal chair on the loading dock, parked next to Bob Uecker’s SUV. All while punched in! 🙂

The routine went like this; Get to the park by the 8th inning, check in at the security office, pick up the trunks when the umps were ready to leave, and drive them to the airport. There were a few problems at first with security not wanting to let me into the park, but they were quickly resolved when *Duane Lewis, the umpire room attendant, called security and gave them what for.

*I don’t think Duane is there anymore, but like almost everyone I dealt with at the ballparks, he was always friendly to me. Shoutout Duane, wherever you are.

There’s a tunnel that completely circles Miller Park. I got to drive my pickup truck thru that tunnel, and park directly outside the entrance to the umpires’ area. Which also happened to be the right behind the visitor’s clubhouse. Pretty much the first thing the opposing team saw as they left the locker room was my red S-10. I half considered getting players to sign it with some sort of permanent paint marker, but decided that might be a little bold. And intrusive. Not to mention unprofessional. But so so cool.

After my first couple visits, Duane took me up a flight of stairs and introduced me to a security guard, and told him I would have to come back through his door at the end of the game. he then gave me the run of the ballpark. I could wander around, pick a seat, buy a brat, whatever I wanted to do. Just head back down to the umpires’ room after the game. And I’m on the clock!

The downside to picking up here: no free food. Also, Sunday night pickups when I was the only one on duty, and had to dispatch myself as well. Kinda hectic. All tolled, this was Fave #2 on the circuit. Next stop, U.S. Cellular Field.


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