An Open Letter to The Riot

Dear Mr. Theriot,

As the sun appears to set on your Cubs career, I just wanted to say a few things before you go.

First off, thank you for playing your heart out here. I know it has become all the rage within Cubs Nation to rip every single thing you do; I, for one, have never been that fan. While I would not want my local Little League teams to watch tapes of you to learn baseball fundamentals, I would like them to study your hustle.

Sorry about the whole “TOOTBLAN” thing.  We got a hold of something, and like a little kid who just learned a new swear word, we can’t keep it to ourselves. It was cute at first, but when our own baseball experts started using it for caught stealings on failed hit and runs, I knew we had done it a disservice. Live and learn. Not that we’ll learn anything from it.

I am sure you were just as embarrassed as I was last night at the Twitterverse reactions to your double switch last night. It’s not like Lou doesn’t double switch in every single game played. It’s not like our starter clearly didn’t have good stuff and needed to come out immediately. It’s not like you had made the final out in the top half of the inning, and were the obvious choice to be swapped out. No, for some reason, we think you aren’t a serviceable major league infielder, so when we saw you come out of the game we all ran to the phone bank and started making calls. “Theriot’s out of the game! Where’s he going?”

I like you as a player. I liked your call-ins on WGN with Kap. If you end up traded today, you’ll go somewhere else and be a solid middle infielder there. I wish you the best. And don’t worry about us; we’ll find someone else on which to spew our venom. It’s what we do.

Best of luck, sir.


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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to The Riot

  1. Theriot is what he is. I like the guy. I also think he has great hustle. He does need to work on his base stealing skills and learn to take some walks. He should have closed his ears last season when they tried to get him to hit for more power. But overall he was an abover average hitter, a good shortstop and I figure he will eventually becomes a better than average second-baseman.

  2. Agreed completely. I’m a Theriot supporter, and don’t really understand why he’s painted so negatively by Cubs fans. He’s not the most talented player ever, for sure…but all he’s ever done is whatever the team asks of him, and worked hard to be competent/successful at it. If Theriot does get moved, I personally will be sad to see him go.

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