Under Wrigley: My Summers as a Cub Insider

It might surprise you to know that Hall of Famer George Brett and I have a lot in common.

My first job when I moved to Chicago in 2002 was with a courier company near O’Hare. Most of our time was spent shuttling small cargo in and out of the airport. But the best part of the job, for me, was handling the umpire trunks. Each Major League umpire has a small “steamer” trunk they keep all their equipment in. Clothes, shoes, mask, pads, anything that goes with them that isn’t in their luggage.

Our courier company was responsible for picking up each crew’s 4 trunks at the airport, delivering them to the ballpark at the beginning of each series, and picking them up again at the end of each series. We would then put them on a flight to the next town, pick up the next 4 trunks for the incoming crew, and start the cycle over. The Chicago office handled all three nearby MLB parks: Wrigley, Miller Park in Milwaukee, and US Cellular. All three parks got me closer to the players than I ever would get as a fan.

Mostly because of logistics, the Cell was the least fun of the three. Wrigley, especially for this Cub fan, was the greatest. I’ll go into detail on all 3 soon, as my ample free time allows. My saddest day at work was learning that MLB had signed another company to handle my trunks. I still curse at those vans. (I’ll not mention names, but it rhymes with “Me Ray-chelle”)

Oh, the George Brett thing? Welcome to my first official BLOG TEASE! Let’s just say Tim McClelland is involved, and that I didn’t get nearly as much publicity for my run-in as George got for his. (the term “run-in” is used for dramatic effect only; it wasn’t all that)

Wait for it, people!


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