Back to eBay: Where I Won’t Give Up

Take a look at that link. That’s my friend, the fake Rosetta Stone seller.  It might look like a legitimate auction on the surface, but it isn’t. Not at all. That’s why I made the mistake of buying from him; I didn’t take the time to look closer. This may take me some time, but if you’re interested, or want to know how to be safer on eBay, read on. If you don’t, I think “Criminal Minds” is on tv somewhere.

Let’s start with the seller’s feedback. Now, someone has done us a favor, and given him some negative feedback. He won’t keep the seller ID “mepeyner” beyond today; tomorrow he’ll be back with a new ID with perfect feedback. Notice the feedback on this particular auction. The buyer, “kermoica”, says the seller is “a pleasure to deal with”. Seems cool enough, right? Notice the time: Positive feedback was left 3 minutes after the auction ended. Any of you ever buy something online and have it delivered in 3 minutes? You don’t leave feedback until you receive your product, correct? This is fake feedback. But then again, why wouldn’t it be? The buyer is fake as well. Look at his other feedback. .99 items from Hong Kong. These are not real transactions. This is nothing more than the buying of feedback. I highly doubt that any money was exchanged. Even if it was, 99 cents is a small price to pay to get positive feedback, when there are suckers like me ready to give you $150 for a generic DVD-R.  I would expect “kermoica” (currently our buyer) to be one of the next seller ID’s “mepeyner” uses. He has already built up 10 positive feedback points that look on the surface to be legit, more than enough to fool bidders. Same with feedback from buyer “tamadox”; all fake feedback from Hong Kong, also a “fake” buyer of the fake Rosetta Stone software. None of the transactions in his feedback profile seem to be legit.

The people posting the negative feedback have become heroes of mine. I don’t know how they do it, as with the Buy-It-Now auctions like these, you can’t “win” the item until you’ve actually paid for it through a PayPal account. I’ll never know; my guy has me blocked from bidding on any of his auctions because of the little reminders I occasionally send him to let him know I still hate him. 🙂

Now, in the auction listing itself. I should have noticed the most important piece of information; this statement: “1 dvd contains the following”. This isn’t supposed to be one dvd; it’s supposed to be the entire set of software. What he’s telling us, without being too obvious, is that all the material you think you’re buying has been copied onto one dvd. Yes, that’s illegal. He also states there are no headphones with this auction. If the lsiting was “brand new/unopened” as stated, they would still be in the box. I got no box from him; I got the single generic dvd in a paper envelope. There are other clues to illegitimacy and illegality, but you get the idea. And I’m tired of correcting typos.

As with all my posts, this was going to be a lot longer, but I really am a lousy typist, so I’m stopping here. Look this auction over, and let me know what you see, and what I haven’t seen. I really get aggravated with this guy; his name, address, everything about his listings are fake. And criminal. I hope he gets caught soon.

July 10 @ 4:14pm My guy, now selling as “nielsirn” has added the following information to his listings:

“There is a scammer who create lots of accounts and offerrosetta stone product online for $138. But after you pay, he will say his account can’t accept your payment now and refund you. Then ask you to pay at again. If you do, you will lose your credit card information and paypal account, of course and your money.”


“Current the scammer’s id is: tutu0100014, ookm51, cus455, topc52, ccop482     I will update his account once I get new.”

That’s right, my fake Rosetta Stone dealer is warning people about other scammers! Despicable.


7 thoughts on “Back to eBay: Where I Won’t Give Up

  1. It’s a different button then the regular ‘buy it now’ or ‘place bid’ ebay buttons. Look down in the item description. He has it on top and and at the end ‘discount for valued member…us customer’ That’s the real problem here, ebay will need to find a way to make it so it is impossible to put such a link in there. I finally got an answer from the executive office of both ebay and paypal. Paypal said they will refund the money. My faith in Paypal and Ebay has been restored! That other guy that leaves the bad comments is most probably the DVDHDVD guy since our nemesis keeps bashing him on his listings. Hopefully they will figure it out before tons of other people get got from these guys! I am more interest in that then getting my money back. I’m not even sure how I fell for it. I usually spot this stuff right off the bat and not 5 seconds after I buy it. sigh..

    • So you didn’t pay with PayPal? Or did you. I am surprised they would refund you if you didn’t use PayPal. My old boss wired $1700 once to pay for a computer on eBay. Wanna guess what he got for his money?

  2. If you ever want to see the turkey just search ebay for “Rosetta Stone” Select Time: Newly listed and then look for someone with 10 or less feedback. Look for ‘buy now’ in the description, and then you found the dork! He has new id’s at least 3 times a day since I think ebay suspends the accounts. BUT… still doesn’t help honest people that happen on to the listing at the wrong time. Uses the same paypal all the time. AND paypal will not help or do anything to stop him! So sad…

  3. On your Ebay post. Actually if you look now, you can see that the guy leaving bad comments is another scammer, and they are fighting. I am also a victim of your nemesis. Only this time he has a ‘buy now’ button in the item description, and I fell for it! It circumvents the ebay checkout process so there is no ebay record of the purchase. Ebay and Paypal have both declined to help. So I am no longer going to do business with either, as I do not feel they are safe neighborhoods to take a walk in anymore.

    • Hmm. I used the “Buy It Now” as well when he scammed me. I had no problem getting my money back from PayPal; it just took a little bit of time. Did you buy from the other guy? The one with all the $138 listings? That is the DVDHDVD guy that my guy is trying to warn people about. If you paid him through payPal, I don’t understand why they won’t refund you.
      Yes, they are both very easy to find in a “Rosetta Stone” search. I report him multiple times every day.

  4. The auction’s been pulled. I think Ebay is reading your blog!! :–) Thanks for the education. I’ll bid more carefully in the future!!

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