Walk-Up This Way: Where I Give the Cubs an Alternative to the Music Controversy

There’s mutiny afoot at the Friendly Confines, and I have the solution.

Lots of fans on the North Side are upset about the change in “walk-up” music at Wrigley Field. (Walk-up music is what they play as a batter is introduced and walks to home plate) To some, it’s much ado about nothing. To many, it is the further erosion of old-time baseball, where the organist plays a quick tune while the batter finishes his warm-up swings and steps up to the plate.

While I think the 2010 Cubs have many issues much more pressing than this one, I can understand the die-hard purists’ point. Recorded pop songs instead of classic stadium organ fare? It DOES seem a departure from the purity of a sunny day at the old Ballpark. So, here is my suggestion to make everyone happy:

Why not have the organist play the pop tunes? And why not make them situation-specific? And how about we play them AFTER the at-bats? Call them “Walk-Back” songs.  Here’s my personal playlist preference:

Each time Ryan Theriot taps weakly to 2nd base on the first pitch: Just One Look

When Derrek Lee hits into a rally killing DP: Oops, I Did It Again

If Alfonso Soriano strikes out on another low, outside pitch: Reach Out

I’m convinced, should the Cubs start winning games like this team has the potential and talent to do, that  this hand-wringing will go away. But for now, anyone else have a musical selection to add to the list?


4 thoughts on “Walk-Up This Way: Where I Give the Cubs an Alternative to the Music Controversy

  1. Okay…I’ve got a few. Only mine are Walk-Out songs for the fans…

    I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
    96 Tears
    You Keep Me Hangin On
    Dazed and Confused
    Summertime Blues

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