Dead Air: Where I Mourn the Loss of WGN Radio

I was going to write a post about what I deemed to be the demise of WGN Radio as we know it. Turns out a lot of people are well ahead of me. Haven’t searched a whole lot to find items about it, but this blog sums it up pretty well.

When Spike O’Dell was the morning host, he used to talk about the things he was going to grill/smoke at home over the weekend. He was quite proud of sitting outside the entire time, tending to the smoker, experimenting with new cuts of meat, keeping the fire stoked, all that cool stuff we guys like to do. I hoped someday WGN would have a contest, and the winner would get to spend Saturday at Spike’s house, hanging out with the on-air talent. A Saturday spent eating bar-b-que and listening to Spike, Steve Cochran, John Williams, Kap and Waddle, and my favorite newsman Steve Bertrand, would have been more fun than any trip they could give me. Now, I’d enter a contest to avoid having to listen to much of the “talent” WGN has chosen to put on their airwaves. I can’t believe in this change.


5 thoughts on “Dead Air: Where I Mourn the Loss of WGN Radio

  1. I didn’t make it to Chicago in time to hear Bob Collins. I wasn’t a Kathy & Judy fan, but I don’t think I was part of their target audience anyway. I DO think the News department is very good, even entertaining. And I have a friend who is occasionally on the Saturday 9-noon segment. And Lou Manfredini is as good as anyone on Chicago radio.

  2. Used to be my favorite station. Uncle Bobby, Roger Triemstra, Kathy and Judy, Swirsky, Spike, Al and or Ed, etc. Just chatting. We turned it on as we approached Chicago last month, and I turned it off. Just another issue of the day, with people calling. Such a unique station format they HAD.
    (good blog, I may try one myself)

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