Narrowmindedness: Where I Examine What’s Really Going on in My Head

An interesting thing happened during the Stanley Cup Playoffs celebration.

I looked through the pictures taken at my cousin-in-law-once-removed’s home, where said’s family watched the Blackhawks win the Cup. The first picture you see is my CIL Jim, celebrating with the Cup (I promised I wouldn’t tell how they got it). The second picture is a zoom from over Jim’s left shoulder. That’s me, conservatively celebrating while trying to stay out of photos of the real fans. I looked at this photo and thought there was something wrong with my head. Then, the very next day, I saw the following preview for Toy Story 3. When I got to the 27-second mark, I was shocked.

Yeah! My head! It’s too narrow! That’s why I look stupid in a baseball cap! How did this happen? WHEN did this happen? A real blogger would do some medical research on this, but I’m a rookie, so I’ll just assume the worst. That, and I’m just too freaked out to do homework right now! Are there exercises I can do to reverse this process? Foods I can eat? Books I can read, with really fat fonts? I need to expand my mind!


2 thoughts on “Narrowmindedness: Where I Examine What’s Really Going on in My Head

  1. good for you!!! I know you can write, and I will keep reading! I think your posts will catch on, because you are probably the most intelligently humorous person I know! I’ll be checking back often, and I’ll be helping increase your readership!

    By the way, the resemblance to mr. narrow-potato head is uncanny! :o) You should consider a career in kids birthday parties!

  2. HAHAHA!!! Look at the bright side…at least your face parts don’t fall off!! Your ears, eyes, nose and mouth are not lost under the couch, chewed up by the dog (at least not recently), or inadvertently put out in a bag to be picked up by the charity clothing truck. They are all intact and your arms come out of your shoulders, not the side of your body. You have legs…not just shoes that stick out of the bottom of your somewhat too narrow face/torso/body…oh, whatever…

    My suggestion…get a different hat.

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