Intro: Where I Attempt To Explain Why I’m Here

Here we are . My first foray into the world wide blog-o-web. This entry is likely just for my eyes; I won’t be publishing much until I get things organized and laid out the way I want them. I have never even thought about starting a blog before this morning, so everything here is brand new to me. I’ll learn as I go.

Lots of things go through my seemingly-narrowing head (future subject alert!). I don’t know if I’m more or less opinionated than the average adult, but there are times when it frustrates me to not have my views and angles where others can, or have to, see them. But I also shun controversy. When I find myself having a strong opinion, I tend to downplay it, rather than risk sparking disagreement, or, perish the thought, angering someone with me. I just want to be loved; is that so wrong-guh?!

Let’s not drag this out. These will be my thoughts. I hope you’ll read them, contemplate them, and respond. Granted, I don’t like being wrong, so think twice before you read me the riot act. Couple of simple rules; 1) This will proudly be a Christian blog. Keep your language clean, your thoughts decent, and additions/replies respectful. 2) That’s MY name up at the top. I’m in charge. What I say stays, stays. What I say goes, goes. 3) Got suggestions? Cool! Let me hear ’em! Some of you that are here, are here because you’re experienced bloggers, who I’ve told about this in its infancy. Your ideas are welcome! Hopefully you and I can work together here, in or out of agreement.

You ready? Am I? Let’s go find out!


One thought on “Intro: Where I Attempt To Explain Why I’m Here

  1. VERY cool!! My blog’s host recently switched us all over to WordPress, so I’m starting to figure some things out. I might have SOME answers to EASY questions if you need blogging advice!!

    Oh…this WILL be fun.

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